Central Stavanger map

You can find a series of hotel location
maps for the Stavanger area here

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Stavanger guide maps
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Central Bergen map (2.7 MByte pdf)
© Bergens Tidende

Oslo area map
© Oslo Kommune

Oslo T-bane (underground railway)
© T-banen

Maps of Norway, cities and regions

The map on the right shows central Stavanger.
You can click on the red hotel labels to find out more about the hotel

The map below shows south Norway. During the winter, this map will show the skiing areas.
You can click on the ferry and airport icons to find out more about them

Norway skiing map

Many of the information pages on www.stavangertravel.com include location maps

Comfort Hotel grand Thon Hotel Maritim Radisson SAS Atlantic Hotel Clarion Hotel Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Skagen Brygge Hotell Victoria Hotel First Hotel Alstor Rica Forum Hotel Park Inn Stavanger Rica Park Hotel Hotel Sverre Sandnes Quality Hotel Residence Sandnes Kronen Gaard Hotell Thon Hotel Sandnes Sola Strand Hotel Quality Airport Hotel Stavanger Hummeren Hotel Tananger Bergen ferry port Bergen Flesland airport BGO Haugesund ferry port Haugesund airport Karmoy HAU Stavanger ferry port Stavanger airport Sola SVG Egersund ferry port Kristiansand Kjevik airport KRS Kristiansand ferry port Larvik ferry port Sandefjord Torp airport TRF Sandefjord ferry port Oslo ferry ports Oslo Gardermoen airport Fagernes airport