Tromsø Norway

Tromsø is the most northerly city in Norway and the world. It also boasts the most northerly brewery (which makes very good beer - especially the Juløl Christmas beer); the most northerly cathedral and (at least some years ago) the most nightclub seats per head of population of any city in Europe!


Tromsø is popular for midnight sun in the summer, and it can be a bizarre experience. I once went to bed quite late one evening in June - just before a neighbour started work on his house (with a hammer and nails).
Winter is the time of darkness, which brings visitors to see the northern lights - Aurora Borealis.

Many people also come here for the Lofoten islands to the south west, Nordkapp (the North Cape) to the north east, and for Hurtigruten, the Nowegian Coastal Express ships which pass through in each direction every day of the year.

The Arctic Cathedral is a striking, modern design, like a glass and concrete iceberg.

The north coast of NordAustLandet, part of Svalbard Tromsø is also the usual point to head north to Svalbard - Norway's northerly outpost of several icy islands including Spitzbergen, with a main town called LongYearByen "Long Year Town" - most of the population are on a one-year contract to be there. Once a desolate coal mine with coal-loading dock and a runway, it now attracts many arctic tourists and has several hotels.

Festivals and Events

Tromsø likes to party.
There are quite a few festivals and special events in Tromsø including the Bukta rock festival and a film festival


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